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Directorate of Finance and Planning

The Directorate of Finance and Planning is one among eight directorates of Muhimbili National Hospital which is entrusted with a responsibility of managing financial resources. Directorate of Finance is organized into three units namely: Revenue unit, Expenditure unit, as well as Budget and Final accounts Unit. The Directorate has a total of 72 employees, of these, two are principal accountants, one accountant. Furthermore, the Hospital receives financial and material support from donors and other well-wishers from both, within and outside the country.

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  • Monday - Friday ~ 06:00AM - 07:00AM
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Executive Director
  • Muhimbili National Hospital,
  • P.O Box 65000,
  • Dar es Salaam.
  • Telephone : +255-22-2151367-9
  • Email : info@mnh.or.tz