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Directorate of Clinical Support Services

The Directorate of Clinical Support Services (DCSS) is mandated to oversee that high quality clinical support services are provided for 24 hours to all patients attending Muhimbili National Hospital. The directorate is tasked to make sure that medicines of high quality are dispensed to both outpatients and inpatients and there is no “out of stock” of medicines, there is continuous monitoring and reporting of adverse drug reactions (ADR) within the hospital, provision of high quality laboratory and radiological services, and supervision and training of both paramedic and postgraduate students.

The directorate is made up of three departments namely: Pharmacy, Laboratory and Radiology departments. These departments have a total of twelve units with 164 employees comprising highly qualified pharmaceutical, laboratory, radiology personnel and supporting staff.

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  • Monday - Friday ~ 06:00AM - 07:00AM
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Executive Director
  • Muhimbili National Hospital,
  • P.O Box 65000,
  • Dar es Salaam.
  • Telephone : +255-22-2151367-9
  • Email : info@mnh.or.tz