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Directorate of Human Resources

The Directorate of Human Resources is one of the eight directorates as reflected in the Hospital current organization structure. The Directorate is organized as a strategic management function and contributes to the strategies in efficient and effective acquisition, development, and retention of human resources capable of achieving the Hospital’s corporate vision, mission and objectives. The Directorate is also responsible for administration and personnel management in the Hospital and provides a wide range of support to the Board of Trustees, Management, and employees.

In the process of carrying out its functions, the Directorate is responsible for strategic planning, policy development and review and plays an interface role in the interactions between the Hospital, the Government, and other partners on administrative and human resource management issues.

Furthermore, the Directorate manages staff houses and interns’ hostels, coordinates interns’ rotations and welfare, and coordinates inter-institutional interactions with sister organizations.

The Directorate Structure and Staffing.

The Directorate is organized into three Departments; the Department of Compensation and Industrial Relations, the Department Recruitment and Training, and the Department of Security. Each department has specific role to play in carrying out the functions of the Directorate in consonant with the Hospital Corporate Plan. The Directorate has a total of 74 employees comprising 6 Human Resource Officers, 3 Administrative Officers, 35 Security Guards/System Operators, and the remaining are support staff including registry officers/clerks, secretaries, and office attendants.

Policy Review and Formulation

All the three Departments are responsible for policy development and review under the coordination of the Director of Human Resources.

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