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Department of Ophthalmology

The department of ophthalmology has a total of 5 units namely.

  1. Paediatric ophthalmology unit;
  2. Medical Retina unit;
  3. Glaucoma unit;
  4. Anterior segment unit;
  5. Optometry &Low vision unit


The department of ophthalmology is one of the departments of Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH). It serve entire population of Dar Es Salaam residents as well as those patients reffered from upcounty.The department runs outpatient clinics daily from 9am to 3pm where by all new cases and follow up are seen by specialists.Those patients who need surgeries are well scheduled according to the required operations,also all emergency cases are seen immediately and those with trauma are operated as emergence case.

Ophthalmology department has advanced so much that it perform so many different ocular imaging and diagnostic investigations for different eye problems. The following procedures are performed at the department of ophthalmology.

  1. Ocular coherent tomography (OCT)
  2. Visual field analysis (MVF)
  3. Fundus photos
  4. A and B scan (ocular ultrasound)
  5. Othorptic and squint evaluation
  6. Direct and Indirect fundus ophthalmoscopes examination and many others.

The eye department gives outreach services to regions where there are no eye doctors. In the period of last five to ten years, the department has given outreach services to Singida, Mbeya, Kigoma, Morogoro, Zanzibar (Uguja and Pemba), Pwani regions of Mkuranga and Rufiji.

During festive occasions like World Sight Day, World Diabetes day, Saba- Saba festival, Nane-Nane World nurses day and many others, the department will give free services to the general public.


The eye department has two eye wards. Ward 19 for male patients and ward 20 for female patients, each ward with a bed capacity of 16 beds for eye patients. Ward rounds are conducted on a daily basis by registrars along with resident doctors and specialists.All patients are seen and proper decision are made. . Major ward rounds are done twice a week by specialists along with the other junior doctors. Evening rounds are done daily and all new cases who are admitted after morning round are seen,also on weekends and public holiday the doctors on call are doing ward rounds.


The department is involved in training undergraduate and postgraduate residents from Muhimbili University of Health Sciences(MUHAS),sometimes the department receives students from abroad who rotates for 3 to 4 weeks.

Every Friday morning form 8am to 10am the department conduct 2-3 case presentations for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students

Optometry & Low Vision.

This unit is operated by a well experienced optometrists where by all patients with inability to see near or far object are sent for proper correction of their vision with spectacles or other devices like telescopes or magnifying lens.All type of spectacles/devices are available depending on the choice of patients,this unit functions every day from 8:30am -9pm.

Paediatric Ophthalmology Unit

The department of ophthalmology started to provide paediatric ophthalmology services in 2008 under the project called Muhimbili Childhood Blindness Initiative (MCBI) with support from Critchley Foundation through Sightsavers. . Paediatric ophthalmology Clinic is child friendly with an area for playing and learning while waiting to be seen by the paediatric team. Services offered include: consultations, refraction, low vision service for those children whose vision cannot be improved with spectacles and orthoptic assessment for squint patients. Paediatric Ophthalmology unit deals with all eye problems in children aging 1 day to 15years such as cataract, glaucoma, lacrimal, eyelid and squint. The clinic runs twice a week(Monday & Friday from9am – 2pm).. . The clinic is within the paediatric clinic just opposite to the Mosque.

Retina Clinic

This clinic was established in 2010 with an aim of establishing tertiary eye services to patients with retinal problems caused by diabetes mainly and other retinal problems caused by hypertension, nutritional problems, age related retinal problems and many others at Muhimbili National Hospital.All patients with retina disorders are well investigated and treated by modern and sophisticated equipment like Ocular Coherence Tomogram(OCT),Fundus camera ,YAG Laser,Argon lase etc. This clinic operates once per week(Thursday 9am- 3pm).

The Glaucoma Unit.

This unit carries out clinical and surgical care of all glaucoma patients who are diagnosed to have the disease, from Dar es Salaam, and from other parts of the country, generally is the main center for whole country. The unit can provides opportunities for teaching nurses, medical students postgraduates, and doctors from different institutions on proper management of glaucoma patients Glaucoma is a problem that is increasingly being seen at Muhimbili National Hospital. A separate clinic is being emphasized with a view in mind of increasing awareness to eye care workers on this silent blinding disease. This clinic run twice per week Wednesday and Friday.

Guiding Principles


MNH has a social responsibility to improve the health of future generations. Guided by fundamental ethical principles of access and equity and in compliance with related laws and regulations, MNH will work with integrity in the pursuit of high quality clinical services. Respect Our patient and our workforce are our greatest resources. We are committed to a patient centred hospital environment and workforce built on respect for diversity, trust, communication, and institutional teamwork at all levels within the organization. .


Our patience and workforce are our greatest resources. We are committed to a patient centred hospital environment and workforce built on respect for diversity, trust, communication and institutional team work at all levels within the organization.


MNH will accomplish objectives by using all available resources to continually ensure best value for patients and stakeholders. This strategic planning process directs available resources to achieve strategic goals in the most cost effective manner. MNH shall collaborate with the Ministry of Health (Government), Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences (MUHAS), Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI), Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI), the Dar es Salaam Municipal and other referral hospitals to deliver the highest quality services within existing resources.


MNH is committed to ensure the security of the Hospital. MNH will work proactively with patients, employees, and Hospital security officials to maintain a secure work environment for patients, staff, and Hospital assets.

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