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Department of Anaesthesia

The department of Anaesthesia and Intesive care provides anesthesia and intensive care, thus the department provide quality anaesthesia services to all surgical and supper specialties both elective and emergency. Also it provide preoperative care which include for example addressing the anxieties or fears of a patient and to pre- medicated the patient in preparation of surgery.

The department is formed by two unit;

  1. Anaesthesia and
  2. Intensive Care

Anaesthesia Unit

The role of this unit is to provide anaesthesia and analgesia for patients undergoing surgery or painful procedures. Anaesthesia service are provided for eleven main operating theaters; 24 hours dedicated Obstretic and emergency cases and session in MR, CT SCAN and endoscopy. All the operating theaters are fitted with centralized anaesthesia gas deliver system, equipped with modern anesthetic machines.

Intensive Care (Critical Care) Unit- ICU

Six bedded multi- specialty intensive care unit. The intensive care unit provides care for all specialties including general surgical, pediatric and burn cases. ICU is well equipped with monitors, ventilators and other life saving equipment. We are a team of specialized doctors and nurses to provide a comprehensive anaesthesia analgesia and critical care services with optimum clinical care.

Service and Policy Development

  • To implement standard policies and procedures on training and ensure their regular update.
  • To develop policies and procedures in relation to Human Resource Management.
  • To develop policies and procedures on nursing care.
  • To develop evidence based clinical guidelines for the medical care of patients.
  • To develop standards of care which will be audited.
  • To implement a computerized hospital information system (HIS) to assist in the operational management of the Hospital and provide data for analysis and operational research.
  • To prioritize service development in light of demand and available resources.

Continuous Quality Improvement.

The Hospital will ensure continuous quality improvement by;

  • Aiming for clinical excellence in diagnosis, care and treatment.
  • Involving patients, careers, staff and the local community.
  • Adopting best practice and learning from others.
  • Multi-disciplinary teamwork and effective communication.
  • Using service review and evaluation to inform change.
  • Promoting research and innovation in all disciplines.
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