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Directorate of Medical Services

The Directorate of Medical Services (DMS) is the biggest Directorate among the eight Directorates of the Hospital. It is the core function of the hospital and it is mandated to oversee the provision of high quality superspecilist patient care, training of doctors and conducting researches. The directorate is tasked to make sure that services are provided in accordance with the set standard operating procedures and treatment guidelines.

The Directorate of Medical Services Structure and Staffing

The Directorate is organized into seven Departments namely;

  1. Internal medicine.
  2. Pediatric and child health.
  3. Emergence Medicine department.
  4. Outpatient department.
  5. Rehabilitative medicine.
  6. Psychiatry.

These departments has got a total of 50 units which comprise of highly qualified staff. Each department has specific role to play in carrying out the functions of the Directorate in consonant with the Hospital Corporate Plan. The Directorate has a total of 207 employees comprising of 28 super specialists, 52 specialists and 127 registrars.

Visiting the clinic.

You need a referral from Regional Hospitals (Municipal hospitals) so as to have an appointment to be attended by our doctors and you will be in the category of public patients. For self-referral or referrals from private hospitals will be categorized as Private patients (IPPM). Insurance companies are treated as Private patients The clinic days run from Monday to Friday from 0730 hours to 1530 hours.

Service and Policy Development

  • To implement standard policies and procedures on training and ensure their regular update.
  • To develop policies and procedures in relation to Human Resource Management.
  • To develop policies and procedures on nursing care.
  • To develop evidence based clinical guidelines for the medical care of patients.
  • To develop standards of care which will be audited.
  • To implement a computerized hospital information system (HIS) to assist in the operational management of the Hospital and provide data for analysis and operational research.
  • To prioritize service development in light of demand and available resources.

Continuous Quality Improvement.

The Hospital will ensure continuous quality improvement by;

  • Aiming for clinical excellence in diagnosis, care and treatment.
  • Involving patients, careers, staff and the local community.
  • Adopting best practice and learning from others.
  • Multi-disciplinary teamwork and effective communication.
  • Using service review and evaluation to inform change.
  • Promoting research and innovation in all disciplines.
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